Layers of Authenticity

Removing the Layers and Living Authentically – No Matter What

Living authentically is like peeling an onion. It’s all about removing those things and those layers that disguise the real you; it’s about taking off the masks and not caring who sees. It’s about feeling free in your own skin and being comfortable with yourself, flaws and all. To be your authentic self means to…

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Discover what you want

Getting Back to Basics – Discovering What it is You Truly Want

Do you feel like you need to start your life over? Have you gotten off track somehow? Do you feel like you are missing out on the best part of your life? Sometimes it might be necessary to hit the reset button and start over. Sometimes the universe hits it for you! If you are…

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Restoring Balance in Your Life

Restoring Balance in Your Life by Learning How to Say NO

Do you have a hard time saying No? You’re not alone if you do. Many people have a hard time with this one. We often over-commit ourselves to the point that we are short-changing ourselves. It’s important to realize that you have the right to say No because your time should be just as valuable,…

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